Review of Ninebot Kickscooter E22: the 9-inch large wheel diameter is awesome!

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How much do you know about Kickscooters? 
  Review of Ninebot Kickscooter E22  

Product: Ninebot Kickscooter E22


The kickscooter is another new product form of skateboard movement after traditional skateboard. Kickscooters are very energy-saving, fast in charging and long in range, and the whole body is beautiful in shape, foldable, convenient to operate and safer to drive.

But when it comes to the uses, people classify it more as entertainment equipment, but in fact it is not. When you get closer to it, you will find that it still has many uses! For example: daily shopping, take express parcels, short commute...

Today, we are going to review E22 developed by Ninebot. It is said that this new kickscooter has been upgraded on the basis of the original kickscooters ES1 and ES2. Now the author will show you the comprehensive performance of this upgraded E22. 

01 / The appearance and detail design shows the originality of E22

Details determine success or failure, which is undoubtedly the basis for judging a product. From the appearance and detail design of Ninebot kickscooter E22 alone, we can see the ingenuity of the whole vehicle.

The titanium gray color of the whole scooter looks not only elegant at first glance, but also highlights the user's good taste and temperament. The frame is made of integrally formed aviation-grade aluminum alloy, and the static pressure load can reach 700kg, so it can be used easily to carry goods or people. In addition, with the foldable design, the scooter can be easily folded and loaded into the trunk of your car when pushing slightly on the pedal.

/ Foldable device /

Ninebot kickscooter E22 adopts non-slip rubber handle sleeve. Even users with sweaty palms do not need to worry about the problem of handlebars slipping from the hands, and the sense of grip is very comfortable. In addition, the combination of electronic brake + rear brake and additional mechanical bell can ensure the safety of riders and passers-by to the greatest extent during driving and ensure safe travel.

/ The right yellow key is the throttle, and the left gray key is the brake /

The front light of Ninebot E22 is a 2.5W LED, and a red rear light is added to the rear of the scooter. When braking, the rear light will light up in time, bright and visible, which also ensures our daily driving safety. 

/ High-brightness LED light /

/ Taillight /

It is worth mentioning that the tires of Ninebot E22, on the basis of the original front 8-inch + rear 7.5-inch non-pneumatic solid tires for ES1 and ES2, adopts a brand-new upgraded tire technology: 9-inch super-large wheel diameter + FlatFree Tire technology, which not only offers the comfort of pneumatic tires, but also has the advantages of run-flat and maintenance-free solid tires, and its trafficability for complex road conditions has also be improved.

/ 9-inch super large wheel diameter /

02 / APP function experience

Turn on the switch of the scooter and the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, enter the Segway-Ninebot mobile phone APP to start searching for the equipment, select the corresponding equipment to match, short press the switch key and the light will be on; the scooter and the APP will be connected successfully within 1 second, then there will be a 36s driving guide, and finally when the owner certification is completed, you can experience your riding.

Now we can see that the interface of the APP will display the remaining mileage, remaining power and mileage of the scooter. Of course, we can also lock the scooter with one key through the APP. Under the basic information of the scooter, there are also riding recording function and common functions, such as fixed speed cruise, energy recovery and light effect.


/ Riding record function /

Of course, we can also set the starting speed in the range of 0-5km/h through the APP. (Note: If you want to push your scooter, the starting speed can be adjusted to 4 or 5km/h, or the power supply can be turned off to avoid touching the acceleration key by mistake and causing the scooter to jump forward) 

There are three kinds of taillight effects adjustable in the mobile App, namely, always-on mode, high brightness of brake light and flashing of brake light. In addition, there are three levels of energy recovery adjustment in APP: strong, medium and weak. 

03 / Performance and endurance test

The performance and endurance of the electric scooter, which can be used as a means of transportation, are of course also the points that consumers need to pay close attention to. Next, let's try to drive it and see the performance and endurance of this newly upgraded Ninebot kickscooter E22.

Braking is one of the major factors to ensure driving safety. A good braking system can effectively shorten the safe braking distance and ensure the safety of users.

We all know that the brake system of Ninebot E22 adopts electronic brake + rear brake. So how the brake performance is in the actual riding? 

We simulate the daily riding speed of users at 20km/h, carry out braking distance test, and finally measure braking distance. 

/ The measured braking distance is only 3.64 m /

The test results show that the braking performance of Ninebot E22 is excellent. Even in the emergency braking state, the scooter can stop smoothly with a braking distance of only 3.64 m. 

Besides the braking performance, of course, we can't miss its dynamic performance. What's more, the power of Ninebot E22 has been further upgraded by adding a 300W DC brushless motor, which not only can accelerate fast, but also increases the climbing slop to 15%. 

We choose an overpass with a 54m rampway and a measured slope of 8.75% (elevation angle of 5). Let's go and see who is the winner. 

The results show that the Ninebot E22 has won the competition. The actual measurement shows that the total time for E22 to climb the 54m overpass is only 16.43s.

/ Measure the climbing performance of E22 /

Next, let's come to the brick pavement in the park to see how Ninebot E22 will absorb shocks .

When riding on uneven brick roads, although the scooter does not have a shock absorption system, it can also avoid most of the shocks. In fact, this is due to E22's new 9-inch non-pneumatic tire technology, which has a similar effect to pneumatic tires. If the shock absorption system is added, riding on potholed dirt roads can be unimpeded.

/ Measure riding performance on complex road conditions /

The author's home is 5.8km away from the company, and it takes about 30 minutes to arrive at the company by bus (waiting time and traffic jam is not considered). How long does it take to go to work by Ninebot E22 then?

In the morning, the author went out at 8: 56 AM. He enjoyed the beautiful spring scenery all the way while riding the scooter. It took only about 25 minutes to reach the gate of the office building. And the waiting time for traffic lights and other driving interference factors were not included. The most important thing was that there was no need to consider whether there was traffic jam at all. To be honest, it was really quite convenient.

For short trips, the endurance of the Ninebot E22 is sufficient. How far is its extreme endurance? Today, the author also actually tests it.

When the author arrived at the company, one bar of power had been consumed, after that, the author rode the scooter in the streets near the company (the author weighs 72kg). The official limit endurance of the Ninebot E22 under the ideal driving condition is 22km (note: the ideal driving condition refers to the constant speed test on the flat road at 60% maximum speed, 75kg load, normal temperature of about 25 ℃). 

In the following endurance test, the author rode another 27 minutes. At this time, only 3% of the power was left and its driving speed was only 5km/h. The current driving condition was basically equivalent to normal walking, so the limit endurance test could basically be over, and the final limit endurance was 52 minutes and 50 seconds and 15.6 km. 

/ The measured limit endurance is 15.6 km /

Because when testing the endurance, the author tested it at the maximum speed, and during the riding, he would also quick start or brake suddenly and the road conditions were not uniform, so running at the limit endurance of 15.6 km was also a normal phenomenon.

04 / Experience summary and comparative summary

From the appearance design, to the APP feature and riding experience, the overall performance of Ninebot E22 is very good. And the greatest advantage, if I have to say, is the 9-inch super-large wheel diameter tires, which are run-flat and non-pneumatic. When crossing obstacles such as speed bumps, it has stronger trafficability, and importantly, it also has the shock absorption effect similar to that of pneumatic tires.

Parameter comparison of the three models:

Parameter Configuration of Ninebot E22

Parameter Configuration of Ninebot ES1 and ES2

By comparing the parameters of the three scooters, it is not difficult to find that Ninebot E22 has modified the body material on the basis of the original ES1 and ES2, adopted integrally formed aviation-grade aluminum alloy, upgraded the wheel diameter size, applied non-pneumatic tire technology, improved the brightness of the lights, and also increased the climbing slope to 15%. 

One last suggestion is that the Ninebot E22 can be equipped with a shock absorption system, so that under the double support of tires and shock absorption, the riding experience will be more comfortable.