Reviewing for Segway-Ninebot E100: In addition to its striking appearance, you can also find more considerate intelligent functions

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Based on its strong performance and outstanding appearance, the simple operation of the Ninebot makes people feel very considerate.
For most people, convenient travel is not only an important guarantee for work, but also can improve the quality of daily life. Apart from public transportation such as subway and taxi, people are more and more inclined to choose electric vehicles for travel in recent years. Labels such as flexible parking, strong mobility, convenience and worry-free operation, energy conservation and environmental protection have become important reasons for people to choose it.
Not long ago, Segway-Ninebot released its electric-scooter E-series products. Not only did it try to further improve the design and performance of electric vehicles, but it also made a breakthrough to create a more intelligent and convenient use experience, allowing users to easily ride without keys. GeekChoice, a WeChat official account for hi-tech products testing, also tested this product in the first place, and today they would like to share its special features with you.

Although it is the first time for Segway to enter this field, the first impression of the Ninebot E100 on the users is very fashionable. Its smooth appearance lines bring a sense of modernity and technology. The design of each part also follows a simple style, so it can take into account the aesthetics of different user groups.

The design of the lights is very characteristic. Ninebot E100 adopt 6-bead matrix LED headlights, which not only bring good illuminating brightness and light radius, but also have intelligent light sensing technology, which can automatically turn on or off according to the ambient brightness.

The taillight of the scooter also maintains a similar style to the headlight. It adopts an integrated encircling design and the turn light can automatically return after turning on, which is very convenient.

The dashboard is usually the "face" of a scooter. Ninebot E100 has a worry-free interface. Besides key information such as speed, battery and time, there are no other complicated data indicators in it. In addition, light bands are designed on both sides of the dashboard to intuitively and conspicuously remind the driver of the current status of the scooter with different colors such as red, orange and blue. The light band is orange when Ninebot is unattended and the side stand is in unready state. When there are people sitting in the scooter and the side stand is in ready state, the color of the light band is blue. The light band will be displayed in green when the driver decelerates or breaks the scooter, indicating that the electromagnetic brake system is working.

By placing the battery compartment under the foot pedal, we create a 50: 50 gold counterweight ratio for the front and rear body of Ninebot E100, which helps to improve the stability of daily riding. In addition, the independently developed motorcycle shock absorber can filter out the slight vibration caused by small stones and also improve the driving stability.

When it comes to stability, we have to say the braking performance of Ninebot. Ninebot E100 adopts large-size front and rear double disc brakes. The large brake discs for the 220mm front wheels and 180mm rear wheels bring good braking performance, and it also has the electromagnetic brake system (EABS), which is much safer under various circumstances.

The cushion and seat barrel are another surprise. After referring to a large number of riding data, the results show that the cushion design of scooter is very good, which is not only highly suitable, but also brings an excellent overall experience. After opening the cushion, you can also see a 22L large seat barrel. After the actual test of GeekChoice, it can easily hold a full-face helmet and daily articles during travel. In addition, the hidden foot stands on both sides of the scooter also facilitate daily man riding and travel.

On the whole, Ninebot E100 gives a good first impression in terms of appearance design and product details, and is also full of fashion and movement. For those young people who want to pursue fashion and personality, Ninebot E Series also provides special color customization service, just like custom colors of Nike's sneakers. Such color matching can enable you to customize your own unique scooter, which is also a major feature in today's market.

For users choosing scooters to travel, a good riding experience should be all-round. Not only should the scooter be excellent in speed, endurance and braking performance, but the convenience and safety during riding should also be considered in more details. In these aspects, Ninebot E100 tested this time has left us a good impression.

Let's look at the configuration parameters first. Ninebot E100 is the middle and high-end version of the Ninebot E series. This scooter is equipped with a customized 18650 lithium battery with a capacity of 1440Wh and an endurance mileage of 60-100km. Through intelligent multi-battery parallel technology (battery expansion), its maximum endurance mileage can reach 200km.Its rated power is 1.8 kw, the maximum power is 2.4 km, the maximum speed is 60km/h, the torque on the wheel is 150 N • m, the configuration of front and rear oil pressure spring shock absorption + front and rear disc brakes + EABS, as well as IPX5 class scooter waterproof and IPX7 class battery waterproof can ensure the use in commuting to work and short-distance travel in different weather conditions. Therefore, it can be said that this is a truly intelligent scooter with relatively strong comprehensive functions.


P gear will not be released until side stands enter the ready state

Practical experience shows that the scooter not only feels very comfortable in daily driving, it also has functions such as constant speed cruise and automatic return of the turn lights. During our first attempt, we found that its side stands were associated with the P gear. Only when you fold up the side stands and sit on the seat can you release the P gear and drive normally. This design avoids the "out-of-control" situation caused by misoperation and makes driving safer. Of course, if you get off and push the car, you can activate the throttle through the help option on the mobile APP.

In addition to its good design and power, what really makes the Ninebot E Series different is its intelligent use experience. Combining the sensors and algorithms in the scooter, Ninebot can realize the perception of the surrounding environment. The first thing we tested after getting started is the new function officially called Ninebot RideyGo intelligent system. This system includes the Ninebot AirLock sensor unlocking technology, intelligent stem lock, on-board data bus, ride induction, iBeacon and intelligent VCU technology, which enable you to start your scooter without inserting or pulling the key.

Keys are indispensable to many people when traveling with scooters. Although Ninebot E100 is also configurated with keys, it is more recommended to use the Ninebot AirLock sensor unlock function, That is, the scooter can sense the user at any time through the induction between the scooter and the mobile phone; When the owner approaches, he/she doesn't need to take out the key, but get on the scooter and press the green AUTO key on the right to unlock and start. This experience not only greatly facilitates the daily travel experience, but also saves the trouble of taking off gloves to find the key when it is cold.

Similarly, the Ninebot RideyGo is also available when the owner want to lock the Ninebot E100!With the support of the intelligent system, when you park the scooter, long press the AUTO key to turn it off, and then turn the handlebar to the left to lock the scooter quickly. During the operation, the owner does not need to take out the key neither. Even if you want to open the back seat to store or take things, you only need to press the AUTO key twice, which greatly facilitates the daily use experience.


Double-click the AUTO key to open the trunk

The key-free experience is convenient for users, but some people may wonder if it is safe enough. To ensure anti-theft, Ninebot E100 not only adds the Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) to realize the displacement alarm and notification reminder, but also has the triple positioning of GPS + Beidou + base station. After actual test, its positioning on the mobile phone is more accurate and it is easier for the owner to find the scooter.

Before the Ninebot E series, there was no scooter on the market that can really drive at any time without a key. Segway has made a bold attempt on the premise of ensuring its safety and it has also brought a convenient experience for the users. GeekChoice believes that intelligent scooters should bring such changes, and the matching mobile phone App can also bring more practical and interesting new functions through subsequent OTA upgrades. All these have changed the experience of scooters and brought surprises to the users.

With the implementation of the "Safety Technical Specification for Electric Bicycle" (i.e. the new national standard), the reshuffle of the electric bicycle industry has accelerated this year, and the disordered market pattern has become more standardized. Strictly speaking, people now have only two choices when purchasing electric bicycles: one is the two-wheeled electric bicycles with limited weight and speed, which can legally hit the road without a driver's license (but they must be licensed according to local standards); The second is the electric scooters with higher speed and weight specifications and falling in the motorcycle catalogue (they also need to be licensed according to local standards), which can bring stronger performance, but at the same time a motorcycle driver's license is needed before they can be used on the road.

In response to these two situations, Ninebot launched two series - C and E - at the new product launch conference held in December. C series belongs to the former, and the E100 we are testing belongs to the latter. From this hands-on experience, we can feel that although it is the first time for Segway to enter this field, E100 really makes the operation simpler through intelligent technology on the basis its outstanding appearance and strong performance. This innovation is rarely seen in traditional electric bicycle brands.

Whether it is Ninebot AirLock sensing unlocking technology that can be used to unlock the scooter without a key, or the intelligent stem lock function, or the introduction of AHRS anti-theft function, E100 brings a convenient experience that people are unwilling to abandon after using it on the premise of ensuring safety. This kind of feeling is very similar to the feeling when we first tried fingerprint unlocking and face-recognition payment on the mobile phone during our transition from feature phones to smart phones. It is very novel and convenient. In the eyes of GeekChoice, such an upgrade is a breakthrough compared with the past technology.

Of course, Segway's ability to detect such potential demand cannot be separated from its rich experience accumulated in personal vehicles, robots and other products over the past years. These new technologies can not only bring more vitality to the electric bicycle industry, but also greatly facilitate our travel experience. The Ninebot E Series, is the new beginning and may also bring new surprises to more people's travel.