Ninebot eScooter E100:Good-looking and intelligent

By: leitech

Ninebot, a technology company affiliated to MI ecological chain, focuses on the production of intelligent products, including self-balancing car, robots and electronic scooters.

In 2019, Ninebot officially entered the E-bike market and held a launch event on December 17, in which two E-bike products debuted, that is, Ninebot eScooter E and Ninebot eMoped C.

Among the Ninebot eScooter E, there are five models, that is, E80C, E90, E100, E125 and E200P. And what we got in hand was the Ninebot eScooter E100 with high cost-effective.

Two contrast colors of black and white are used in the design of Ninebot eScooter E100, achieving an overall concise color effect. Unlike conventional electric vehicles, it has a small body size with the specific size of 1760mm×675mm×1135mm.

To make the body structure more stable, a weight ratio of 50:50 is adopted by Ninebot eScooter E100, and the battery compartment is placed under the baseboard.

Electric vehicle though it is, Ninebot eScooter E100 is as heavy as 68kg.Ninebot eScooter E100 has an independently designed frame, the water resistance capacity meets IPX5 standards, and the battery’s water resistance level reaches as high as IPX7, so the vehicle can resist a water jet spray.

The frame head is uniquely designed, conveying a sense of pleasurability. The identity of the vehicle can be quickly recognized through the logo blow.

Ninebot eScooter E100 is complete with an intelligent matrix LED headlight which, applying the Intelligent Sensor technology, is able to automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient change.

The integrated embracing LED taillight is a unique visual design by Ninebot. The turning signal light will automatically turn off as soon as the steering wheel is straightened.

The suspension full-screen dashboard displays all pertinent information from bluetooth connection to real-time speed and power supply. The color of light strip at the edge of instrument also varies as the vehicle accelerates or decelerates.

The color is orange when the vehicle is unoccupied and the kickstand is in use (unready state); blue when people sit on the vehicle and the kickstand is not in use (ready state); and green when the vehicle decelerates and brakes(energy recycle).

There are four buttons on the right of the left handlebar, which are dimmer, turn light, trumpet and constant speed endurance buttons from upside down. Constant speed endurance button is used to lock the current speed of Ninebot eScooter E100 , so as to ease the driving fatigue of the rider.

There are also four buttons on the left of the right handlebar, which are gears, headlight, hazard warning and Auto buttons from upside down.

The hazard warning button is also the so-called double-flashing button, which intends to remind the vehicle behind to pay attention to safety when the vehicle is pulled off at the roadside.

When Ninebot eScooter E100 is in ON status, the seat cask can be opened with double click on the Auto button, and a long press on the button will lead to OFF status. After connected to the mobile phone APP, the Ninebot eScooter E100 can be automatically unlocked (achieved through Ninebot AirLock technology) as long as the phone, even turned off, is about 1 meter away from the vehicle. And then, the vehicle can be used when you press the Auto button, saving the troublesome operations of unlocking the vehicle via keys and remote control.

The vehicle can be remotely locked on the APP when you walk off and find halfway the vehicle is left unlocked.

Ninebot eScooter E125 applies the pop-up design to the foot-rests, which pop up at a slight press, making it convenient for people at the back seat to get on and off the vehicle.

The key is very cutely designed, and there are only two buttons on the remote control, with one for ON/OFF, and another for locking.

It’s noteworthy that Ninebot eScooter E100 is equipped with a USB charging port for mobile phone charging. It is so cool.

Outstanding configuration

In terms of performance, high-power direct drive hub motor is equipped on the Ninebot eScooter E100, with the rated power at 5kw, maximal speed at 60km/h and endurance at 100km, respectively. The speed can reach 30km/h even at gear 1.

Compared to the common 48V/60V battery sets, our Ninebot eScooter E comes with 74V high voltage lithium-ion battery so as to optimize motor efficiency, increase its longevity and reduce the battery heating.

The charging port is located in front of the seat and covered by a waterproof cover. It ’s worth mentioning that, if you are charging when the vehicle is in ON status, the system will give an alarm and automatically shut down after a while for the purpose of safety.

According to the site test, it takes about 7 hours to charge from 4% volume to 100% volume. Moreover, battery expansion is available for Ninebot eScooter E100. Under the dual battery mode, 200km endurance for a long trip can be achieved.

Ninebot eScooter E100 has very comfortable seat cushion. It is said the manufacturer customized the 42mm seat cushion after comprehensive considerations based on numerous riding postures.

A seat cask with a capacity of 22L, at the bottom of the seat cushion, can hold a full size helmet or items of the same size like vegetable bags of too large sizes, a backpack for 13-inch laptop on the condition that you find the right angles.

As for things like 6 books, a MI backpack, a camera lens box, there’s sufficient space for them. Apart from that, you can even place some little articles in the corners.

Ninebot eScooter E100 is also equipped with an independently developed shock absorption system, which accurately calculates and adjusts the stiffness and damping to adapt to the situation of the road surface, minimizing mild vibrations caused by gravels.

The large-sized perforated front 220mm + rear 180mm brake disks provide superior brake performance. The braking distance from 45km/h to 0 is only 12m. With the short braking distance and sound brake linearity, safety in driving is guaranteed.

Additionally, 3 levels of location functions, namely, GPS, Beidou and base station, help the owner to locate the vehicle in case of loss or theft, which is convenient for prompt recovery.

The site test proves the locating function is accurate, though sometimes fails due to weak mobile phone signals.

In case any anomalous motion occurs to the vehicle, the AHRS posture sensing system will at the first possible time send an alarm to the phone, which remind the owner that someone may be stealing the vehicle.

At the same time, Ninebot eScooter E100 sends off alarms (di dong, di dong), and the headlight and taillight keep flashing.

Electronic induction system for kickstand and detection system for seat are equipped, which can perceive whether the owner is on riding status, so as to prevent the situation that the accelerator handle is mistakenly turned. If the user is in riding status, but does not fold up the kickstand, the system will send alarms and the vehicle will not start.

As a intelligent electric vehicle, E100 definitely cannot do without the function of system upgrading. The OTA wireless upgrade for all systems of the vehicles is provided by the built-in Ninebot Cloud intelligent controller, and the user can carry out the system update through the APP.

User-friendly APP

Segway-Ninebot APP has powerful functions and can be downloaded by scanning the QR code on the manual or from APP store or Android Market. As long as the vehicle is nearby and at ON status, you are able to bind your account by simply clicking search.

After the bluetooth is connected, you will enter the interface of My Insurance, and can get an insurance from stealing and robbing, free of charge.

Meanwhile, the interface of Riding Instructions pops up and the user can make some simple operations after watching.

The main interface of the APP is thoroughly designed, and the location of the vehicle is displayed on the background. From the interface, the user can know the remaining mileage, power volume and total mileage, and can remotely lock the vehicle and share the location through the phone.

The detailed information of the main battery and center control battery can be known by clicking the remaining power volume, though it’s rarely used by users.

The riding records will be restored in the form of map. The red line indicates very congested traffic, the green line means smooth traffic and the yellow line means moderately congested traffic. In addition, you can see the riding time, distance and top speed from the map.

The items like message notification, induced unlocking, device setting, etc. will pop up when you click the top left corner of the main interface in the APP. In the device setting, some designs are made for security, sensor, light, and sound. To make it easier for users, on/off buttons are generally set in the device setting.

The operation is so simple that, with a clicking on the button, the corresponding feedback will be obtained from the vehicle.

In the security setting, the user can adjust the sensitivity of the alarm, sound volume and Auto button auto-locking at shutdown. It is genuinely considerate.

In the after-sale interface, the system will update the status of the vehicle in real time and provides 6 services so as to offer users more options.


The new interactive experience, brought by Internet technologies to the users, could be perceived from Ninebot eScooter E100, which is just a minor part of Internet of Everything. Ninebot eScooter E may lead the development of the industry in the future, like automatic driving technique applied in automobiles. Both of them are for the purpose of bringing more convenience to users.

Compared with conventional electric vehicles, Ninebot eScooter E100 is able to be constantly improved through the subsequent system update, for example, to add the function relating to astern running, to create more unlocking methods and improve the safety by virtue of the sensors. The functions of conventional electric vehicles, however, are relatively monotonous, and the vehicle is just a common mobility tool..

With the addition of Internet technology, the electric vehicle has been upgraded. In the subsequent system update, it may be possible to carry out voice control through Xiaomi AI Speaker. A personalized APP with numerous functions shows that Ninebot thinks for the well being of their users.